Digital advertising fraud refers to deceptive and dishonest practices in online advertising. It involves methods used to trick advertisers, publishers, or ad networks for financial gain. Here are some common types of digital advertising fraud

Click fraud: Fake clicks on ads are generated by automated scripts or bots, aiming to exhaust an advertiser’s budget or generate revenue for the fraudster.
Impression fraud: The number of ad impressions is artificially inflated, making it seem like more users saw the ad than they actually did. Techniques like ad stacking or pixel stuffing are used.
Conversion fraud: False or misleading conversions, such as fake form submissions or purchases, are generated to deceive advertisers into paying for invalid leads.
Domain spoofing: Fraudsters misrepresent the identity of a website or app to make it appear as if the ad is being displayed on a reputable or high-traffic site.
Ad stacking: Multiple ads are placed on top of each other, with only the topmost ad visible, tricking advertisers into paying for multiple impressions.
Bot traffic: Automated software programs called bots simulate human actions, such as clicking on ads or visiting websites. Fraudsters use bot networks to generate fake traffic, clicks, or impressions.

Digital advertising fraud wastes budgets, distorts campaign performance, and undermines trust. Advertisers use tools like analytics, machine learning, and fraud monitoring to detect and prevent fraud.


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Optimise budget

  • Increased Return on Ad Spend
  • Eliminate wasted spend on bots & fake users
  • Train automated bidding with real intent signals

Optimise resources

  • Time savings for other priorities
  • Better Bidding
  • Plan strategic initiatives
  • on real, clean data
  • Omnichannel

Optimise Results

  • Protection from invalid traffic
  • Granular insights to aid optimization
  • Clean Audiences
  • Bot Clicks Stopped
  • Accurate Data
  • Improved Bidding
  • Positive Signal
  • Reinforcement
  • Build powerful cross-channel audience pools
  • Grow revenue with more high-intent traffic and no wasted spend
  • Increase traffic quality
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