Feinripp Studios named Lead Agency for DryBun: A Breakthrough Haircare Solution

Feinripp Studios named Lead Agency for DryBun: A Breakthrough Haircare Solution

Frankfurt, October 2nd 2023 – Feinripp Studios, a distinguished digital marketing and creative agency specialised in sales and performance design, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with DryBun, an innovative product designed to safeguard hair from moisture during showers. This collaboration aims to propel DryBun’s product launch and establish a formidable online presence, including social media campaigns, fundraising initiatives, e-commerce solutions and offline campaigns.

DryBun, featuring a dynamic team including Co-Founder Knut Peters, is on a mission to revolutionise haircare with their pioneering hair washing solution. Their unwavering commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Feinripp Studios’ core values, making this partnership a natural progression.

Over the past several months, Feinripp Studios has worked diligently alongside the DryBun team to ensure a successful product launch. This comprehensive partnership comprises an array of services, including:

  • Strategic Social Media Management: Feinripp Studios has developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy to raise brand awareness and foster engagement among DryBun’s target audience.
  • Startnext Campaign Management: The team has created compelling fundraising campaigns to resonate with DryBun’s supporters, driving critical investment in the product.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Feinripp Studios has applied its e-commerce expertise to optimise DryBun’s online platform, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Through this collaborative effort, Feinripp Studios with its heads Jochen Ihl and Thomas Bausenwein, who are also part of the DryBun Founding Team, are poised to embark on a remarkable journey, and Feinripp Studios is honoured to serve as the Lead Agency. “We are always enthusiastic to develop and support innovative ideas“, said Jochen Ihl, CEO at Feinripp Studios. “Our team is excited to be part of DryBun’s mission to redefine haircare. We eagerly anticipate contributing our expertise and creativity to help them achieve their vision.”

Also Knut Peters (DryBun) expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. “Working alongside Feinripp Studios has been an enriching experience. Their dedication and innovative thinking have been instrumental in shaping DryBun’s future. Together, we are poised to make a significant impact on hair care routines worldwide.“

As DryBun prepares to make its mark on the world, Feinripp Studios is excited to continue its role as the lead agency, guiding the brand toward success. The partnership signifies a convergence of vision, creativity, and expertise that promises to leave a lasting impression on the haircare industry.

For more information about Feinripp Studios, please visit studios.feinripp.net. To learn more about DryBun and its groundbreaking haircare solution, please visit www.drybun.berlin.

Media Contact: Jochen Ihl, CEO Feinripp Studios, hello@feinripp.net

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