Enchanting Escapes in the Heart of Bali: A Jungle Boutique Hotel – Driving Direct Bookings and Brand Awareness

Executive Summary

A boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Bali’s jungle, approached us with two challenges: the need to increase direct bookings to reduce reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs) and the desire to boost brand awareness. With its exceptional services, proximity to the beach, and unique offerings such as yoga retreats and surf lessons, the boutique hotel offered an idyllic retreat for travelers seeking to disconnect and reconnect with themselves. 

This white paper outlines the strategies implemented to address these challenges, including a robust SEO strategy and Google advertising campaigns, and highlights the remarkable results achieved.

Campaign Approach

To tackle the challenges faced by the hotel in Bali, our team proposed a comprehensive approach encompassing Google campaigns and a strong SEO strategy. By optimizing the hotel’s online presence, enhancing visibility on search engines, and leveraging targeted advertising, we aimed to drive direct bookings and increase brand recognition among the hotel’s target audience.

SEO Strategy

A key component of our approach was an extensive SEO strategy. We focused on producing high-quality content for the hotel’s blog, covering various topics ranging from vegan food to yoga retreats. By addressing multiple facets of the boutique hotel experience, we aimed to improve the hotel’s SEO score and achieve higher search engine rankings. Through this strategy, we positioned the hotel as a top choice for travelers seeking accommodation in Bali, leveraging its unique offerings and captivating visuals to attract potential guests.

Google Advertising Campaigns

Our team initiated Google advertising campaigns to generate bookings and enhance brand awareness. Initially, a Performance Max Campaign was implemented where we found a lack of control of the spendings and where the ad was showing up, so we decided to shift to display  advertising on YouTube, which surpassed expectations. This visually captivating campaign achieved an exceptional click-through rate (CTR), significantly outperforming industry standards. 

Week after week, the campaign delivered impressive growth, with a massive increase in conversions and a rise in clicks. The remarkable conversion rate underscored the success of the campaign in driving bookings

Refining Targeting and Enhancing User Experience

To optimize the performance of search campaigns, we carefully selected target regions based on a comprehensive study of to enhance direct bookings through their website and boost brand awareness (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Initially targeting Australia, we adapted our strategy by redirecting campaigns to Jakarta, the primary source of the hotel’s guests, and Europe (specifically the UK, Ireland, and Germany) to capture a broader audience. Furthermore, we identified and excluded low-quality traffic from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, improving the overall health of the campaign and enhancing the conversion rate.

Additionally, we delved into user behavior and conducted an in-depth investigation of the user journey. Through this analysis, we identified a critical issue where users were dropping off during the booking process due to confusion caused by currency disparities. After addressing this issue by modifying the booking engine to display prices in USD, the user journey became more seamless and resulted in increased bookings and improved client satisfaction.

Results and Impact

The combined efforts of the SEO strategy and Google advertising campaigns have had a transformative impact on the hotel’s business. The hotel has experienced a significant increase in direct bookings, reducing reliance on OTAs and their associated commissions. Notably, the campaigns have raised brand awareness, as evident from the major surge in searches for the hotel’s name over the past two months. 

This increase in visibility and interest has translated into sustained bookings for the coming months, further affirming the success of the campaigns in driving results and satisfying clients.


The boutique hotel’s collaboration with our team has resulted in a successful campaign that addressed the challenges of increasing direct bookings and a boost of brand awareness. The strategic implementation of a robust SEO strategy, complemented by captivating Google advertising campaigns, has achieved outstanding outcomes.

This success story speaks for itself. With increased bookings, decreased dependence on OTAs, and a notable boost in brand awareness, our strategies have proven highly effective. Witnessing a substantial increase about average (more than 15% per month) in direct bookings between March 2023 and June 2023, the impact of our tailored approach is undeniable. These achievements not only validate our efforts but also pave the way for sustained growth, enhanced market positioning, and an even brighter future for the boutique hotel in Bali.

As we continue to monitor and optimize the campaigns, this hotel can anticipate sustained growth, improved market positioning, and an expanding customer base. The demonstrated success of this digital marketing approach serves as a testament to the power of tailored strategies in transforming business outcomes and establishing a strong brand presence in a competitive industry.

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