Celebrating the Benefits of Neurodiversity: Our Partnership with NEOSITY

We at Feinripp Studios are proud to announce our official partnership with NEOSITY, an innovative job platform specialising in opening new professional opportunities for neurodivergent individuals. This partnership represents not only another step towards workplace inclusion for us but also an expression of our deep conviction that diversity is the root of creativity and innovation.

Empowering Talents and forging Pathways for Neurodivergent Professionals

As part of our partnership, we are excited to offer job opportunities within our own agency through the NEOSITY platform. Through our collaboration with NEOSITY, we can not only discover highly qualified talents but also ensure that we create a work environment that is accessible and supportive for everyone. We firmly believe that every individual brings unique skills and perspectives, and we are committed to celebrating and fostering this diversity.

Fostering Inclusivity: Feinripp Studios and NEOSITY create Supportive Work Environments for All

Our goal is to create a work culture based on respect, appreciation, and equal opportunities. With NEOSITY by our side, we are confident that together we can make a significant contribution to promoting neurodiversity in the workplace. We warmly invite you to be part of this movement and join us in shaping a future where every person has the opportunity to fulfil their full potential.
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