Feinripp Studios: Your Agency Partner for Sustainable Success in the Home & Living Sector

Your company creates a home through style, quality, and comfort where people feel completely at ease and can be themselves. We assist you in showcasing your brand and products, making this unique experience accessible to your audience.

Why choose us as your Agency?
The Feinripp Advantage

As specialists in Sales and Performance Design, we breathe fresh life into your online marketing and set you apart from the competition. Your values align with ours, emphasising sustainability, quality, and comfort, which we bring to life through our campaigns.

With Feinripp Studios, you’re choosing an agency with locations in Frankfurt, Dublin and Málaga, along with a skilled and interdisciplinary team passionately dedicated to your success in the Home & Living sector. Together, we shape the future of this crucial industry for quality of life. Let’s go!

Feinripp Studios stands for Expertise and Experience

Feinripp Studios brings years of experience from successful campaigns in the Home & Living sector, coupled with a global understanding of the industry. We enhance the visibility, conversions and sales of our clients – now for you too!

What happens when you work with us?

In addition to our wide range of clients in the industry, we have launched our own brand snuggle dreamer. This unique dog lifestyle brand stands for high quality dog furniture and proves every day that we know how to reach people and inspire them to buy new products to make their homes even cosier for themselves and their loved ones.

Our experience with snuggle dreamer allows us to trial the latest tools and techniques before introducing them to our wider client base. Here at Feinripp Studios, we not only know how to create feelings, we know our business inside out. Discover yourself what it is that makes snuggle dreamer so special.

While we can certainly talk a lot, feel free to request our case studies to see the results we’re currently achieving.

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